100 acres of wine and 100 acres of table vineyards have been created in Efemçukuru Gold Mine, thanks to the modern agricultural techniques applied since 2009.

There are approximately 22,500 root Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet species in vineyards, and 15,000 root Alfons grape species in table vineyards.

An average of 50 tons of grapes from wine vineyards and 25 tons of table grapes are harvested every year.

Honey has been produced in Efemçukuru region since 2015 in order to encourage beekeeping activities and to show that mining will take place in harmony with natural life.

Thanks to the certificate program we carried out, we provided beekeeping training to 27 local people. In this way, we ensured the involvement of local people in beekeeping activities consisting of approximately 50 hives.

Thanks to the farm project started in 2018 on an area of ​​64,000 m2 surrounding the Kışladağ Gold Mine; Products such as chickpeas, wheat and almonds are grown organically by our staff and support agricultural production in the region..

Approximately 1 ton of product is harvested annually from 50 decares of walnut orchard in Efemçukuru.