The scope of this policy includes all buildings, facilities and activities within the Tüprag Metal Mining Industry and Trade Corp.

Our aim is to improve energy performance at least in targeted amounts, to increase our energy efficiency and to reduce energy losses with continuous improvement activities.

In order to achieve our goal, we make a statistical forecast about our energy consumption by taking our important energy use variables and other possible effects into account, and we set improvement targets based on this calculated value. We prepare remedial action plans to achieve our goals.

Besides, our Sustainability Integrated Management System (“SIMS”) sets company-wide sustainability requirements. All employees and subcontractors are expected to comply with the Tüprag Energy Policy and the relevant requirements in SIMS.

As Tüprag Metal Mining Industry and Trade Corp.,
in order to achieve our goals and objectives;

• To comply with standards, contract terms, legal regulations and regulations of national authorities and consider regulation of international authorities regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency,

• To prefer energy efficient ones when supplying products and services that affect energy performance,

• To consider energy efficiency in investment and design activities,

• To provide the necessary resources to achieve the determined energy targets,

• To encourage the participation and leadership of our employees and subcontractors in the energy management system,

• To increase the awareness of the energy management system through training activities,

• To ensure the effective use of energy resources,

• To monitor and evaluate our energy performance at regular intervals,

• To carry out studies to continuously improve energy performance and energy management systems,

We commit.