Tüprag, within the framework of sustainable mining principle in all its operations; has adopted the principle of providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, protecting the environment, establishing respectful and transparent relations with its stakeholders, and thus achieving excellence in responsible mining and sustainability.

In this context, the Sustainability Integrated Management System (SIMS), which regulates common standards on sustainability and is consistent with our values, has been developed.


SIMS standards; It is designed to be understandable, applicable, and measurable. It also represents the minimum level of performance expected to be met in all our operations. The main purpose of SIMS is compliance with regulations and commitments, effective risk management in areas of responsibility, and continuous improvement of performance.


Sustainability from the ground up

SIMS standards; It covers and maintains all phases of the mine life cycle, from exploration activities to the operation of operations, from the end of production to closure and beyond. As of 2020, the Sustainability Integrated Management System integrated into our operations will be an integral part of all our activities throughout our business life.