The name of the extension of Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold Corporation, which was created with 100% participation in Turkey, is Tüprag Metal Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Tüprag was established in 1986 to conduct metallic mineral exploration and operation in Turkey, and has carried out exploration activities with hundreds of mineral exploration licenses it has obtained so far. As a result of the mentioned exploration works, it has found important gold deposits such as Uşak-Kışladağ and İzmir-Efemçukuru and operates these deposits.

The General Directorate of the company is located in Ankara and there is a sample preparation laboratory in Çanakkale.

The Kışladağ Gold Mine, which started production in 2006, is the largest gold mine in Europe and continues to operate as an exemplary gold mine with a gold production capacity of 12.5 tons per year. Our company, which employs approximately 1500 people, is located in a mining district that contributes to the national economy with an investment amount of more than 650 million USD.

Another of our operations is Efemçukuru Gold Mine, near the village of Efemçukuru, in the Menderes district of İzmir. It continues its activities as a mining enterprise that produces approximately 3 tons of gold per year by processing 600,000 tons of ore every year, in a vein type mineralization, with approximately 500 employees.

As Tüprag AŞ, in our company history of more than 30 years, we will continue to contribute to our country in every sense with our principle of “human and environment first, then mining”, which we have adopted since the first day of our establishment and will never be abandoned.