CSR Projects 


Tüprag brings tangible benefits to the local communities where it conducts mining activities. In alignment with this commitment, we have completed the following projects:

Kışladağ Gold Mine:
Supplying potable water to nine villages and their four neighbourhoods, all located near the project site, 
Constructing a sewage system for four villages located near the project site, 
Constructing a service building for Uşak University, 
Constructing a primary school building in Uşak province, 
Supplying a fully equipped mobile health clinic to the Provincial Health Directorate of Uşak,
Establishing a haemodialysis centre in the Eşme district of Uşak province, 
Paving village roads with asphalt, 
Installing security camera systems in Eşme and Ulubey districts, 
Constructing a multipurpose building (including a wedding hall) in Gümüşkol village,
Supplying an ambulance to the Provincial Health Directorate of Uşak, 
Constructing housing for the imam of Söğütlü village and 
Planting 72,000 saplings within the boundaries of Eşme district 
Efemçukuru Gold Mine:
Providing full scholarships for five female students since 2005, 
Implementing an educational project called "Trainers Improving Themselves to Improve Students", which is being carried out in cooperation with                     İstanbul Kültür University,
Subsidizing school bus services to Efemçukuru, Kavacık and Çatalca villages, 
Donating school materials to students living in Efemçukuru, Kavacık and Çatalca villages, 
Donating computers and furniture for the Department of Mining-Geological Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University, 
Improving internal roads in Kavacık and Efemçukuru villages,
Constructing a bridge for the Çatalca village and subsidizing the construction of village infrastructure,
Renovating mosques in Çatalca, Gödence and Efemçukuru villages
Constructing a headman’s office in Efemçukuru village and 
Constructing fire ponds in Seferihisar, Efemçukuru, and Turgutlu villages. 
This list represents just some of our community investments, and we will continue to seek out additional opportunities in the future. 
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