Project History

1992 - 1993         Discovered the deposit, obtained a licence and conducted initial exploration activities
1993 - 1997         Ongoing exploration work, as well as engineering and environmental studies
1998 - 2005         Prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
2005                     Obtained a positive EIA certificate
2006 - 2007         Conducted a feasibility study and exploration drilling
2007                     Conducted a basic engineering and feasibility study; expropriated land  
2008                      Received all necessary permits and began detailed engineering and construction work
2009                      Ongoing construction work, as well as exploration drilling in the northern zone
2011                      Completed construction activities and commissioned the site; commercial production began in December
2013                      Completed an addendum to the EIA to increase production capacity to a maximum of 600,000 metric tons per year
2014                      Announced possible expansion from current 400,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) crushed ore to 500,000 tpa; decision to                                  be taken on completion of a detailed cost benefit analysis
2015                     Obtained a positive EIA certificate


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