The Kışladağ Gold Mine is an open-pit operation commissioned in 2006 in the operating licence area number İR 7302 near Gümüşkol village. The Kışladağ mine site is located on the administrative boundary between the Ulubey and Eşme districts of Uşak province. The site is approximately 180 kilometres east of the province of İzmir and about 30 kilometres to the southwest of the provincial seat of Uşak, in the Aegean Region.
        Recent reserve development studies estimate the total quantity of ore to be extracted at Kışladağ to be 535 million tonnes, with an average annual production of 35 million tonnes. The average grade of the ore is 0.66 g/t gold, and silver with a grade of the ore 1.15 g/t silver

Mining Method
        Kışladağ is mined using conventional open-pit mining techniques where drilling and blasting operations are carried out together with loading and haulage activities. 
        Drilling and blasting operations take place at benches that are 10 metres high. Following blasting, extracted ore is loaded onto trucks and hauled to the primary crusher. Uneconomic rock that is extracted from the open pit during mining activity is transported to a rock storage area.
        Mineral processing involves a three-stage crushing and heap leach process to recover the gold. Lime and water is added to the crushed ore to ensure partial agglomeration of the ore before the heap leach process and to attain the desired pH level for the heap leach operation. Crushed ore is transferred to the belt conveyor and transported to the heap leach area, where the ore is placed in layers of 10 metres or less. A barren solution is pumped to the heap leach area using drip emitters and as the leach solution percolates down through the heap it dissolves gold and silver to form metal-cyanide complexes. The gold-bearing solution is collected via a series of drainage pipes situated on the bottom of the heap leach area and then pumped to a solution pond and transferred to the carbon adsorption facility (ADR unit).
        The solution that percolates through the heap enables the dissolution of gold and silver, and the gold-laden solution undergoes a standard enrichment process, which involves carbon adsorption, pressure stripping, electrolysis and smelting/refining. The final product is a gold doré bar. 

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