Efemçukuru is a high grade, underground operation located in Izmir province in western Turkey. It uses gravity circuits followed by flotation to produce a flotation concentrate and a gravity concentrate.
The underground gold mine and related plants and facilities were commissioned in 2011, in the operating licence area number İR 51792, which is located two kilometres north of Efemçukuru village. Efemçukuru village is about 30 kilometres from Izmir, the provincial capital. 
Reserve development studies estimate that 8.5 million tonnes of ore will be extracted at Efemçukuru, with average annual production of up to 600,000 tonnes. The current production rate is 380,000 tonnes per annum. The grade of the ore is 7.31 g/t gold as at December 31, 2013.  
Mining Method
Efemçukuru uses a mechanized cut-and-fill method – a process that includes underground excavations, drilling, blasting, haulage and backfilling. Mineral processing includes crushing the ore, a grinding and milling process, and multi-stage flotation. The final flotation concentrate undergoes a gravitation process to recover the free gold, which is then smelted and poured into doré bullion bars. 
The flotation concentrate, which contains metal sulphates and fine grains of gold, is sold under contract to the spot market. The flotation tailings are filtered and either mixed with cement, which is used as a binding agent and injected into underground voids as backfill material, or is stored at the dry tailings storage facility on site. 
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